By definition, objective reporting refers to fairness, disinterestedness, factuality and nonpartisanship in reporting. To put this in simpler terms, it means that, editorials aside, reporters strive to keep their opinions out of their writing, working to report the truth. This journalistic principle has come a long way in its development process. In years past, journalism […]

The journalist’s toolbox, smudged in newsprint ink and proudly sporting First Amendment stickers, is a box that is constantly being updated and refilled with the changing times. With these “tools of the trade” rapidly changing, it can easily be overwhelming to keep track of what is necessary. However, there are some tools, tried and true, […]

Those who have ever been around a journalist have probably heard a few words or phrases slip out that were a little Greek to you, so to speak. Here’s a quick guide to clear up confusion upon hearing those unknown journalistic words. Headline: a short summary or preview of the content of the article below […]

The job of a journalist is, and has always been, to seek news and report it. They’re hopping through whatever hoops and clearing every obstacle to meet deadlines with the most accurate, timely story possible. They’re bringing you the news daily, and they’re not withholding their information.  The job is rarely glamorous, nor is the […]