Video News takes over

The title of Video Broadcast Journalists can have many different meanings. It could mean being the anchor, in front of the camera and delivering the news from on scene or behind a desk. It could mean being a researcher, making phone calls to gather interviews and investigating a story for the anchors to read off. It could mean being a producer, director, etc. Video Broadcast Journalists have many different aspects for their jobs, and all work to get the news to the audience.

Video journalism is rapidly becoming the most popular form of news with the general public. News programs and channels are making their news available 24 hours a day, forcing newspapers to have a 24-hour online presence in order to keep the pace.

Typical interviews on broadcast programs are in a question and answer format, differing from the newsprint style of inserting quotes into the flow of the story.

Below is an example of a broadcast style, Q & A interview between well-known anchor Anderson Cooper, and satirical “anchor,” Stephen Colbert.

For more information about getting involved in a broadcast education program, visit WKU’s School of Journalism and Broadcasting.


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