Journalist Lingo Confusion Cleared

Those who have ever been around a journalist have probably heard a few words or phrases slip out that were a little Greek to you, so to speak. Here’s a quick guide to clear up confusion upon hearing those unknown journalistic words.

Headline: a short summary or preview of the content of the article below


Byline: states the writer or writers of an article


Nameplate: the designed title of the newspaper’s name resting at the top of the front page


Caption: a sentence or more explaining what’s in a photograph


Jump Line: a line in an article that indicates what page the rest of the article is located, or “jumped”


Folio: indicates the date, volume number and issue number

(See above photo with nameplates)

Beat: a specific topic or area a reporter covers

To give an example of a beat, I am the Academics beat reporter for the Herald. It’s my job to contact those in all aspects of academics on campus. I ask them about what’s going on in their departments, and see if stories can blossom from that information

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